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  Quickie 2 Lite Visual Options Guide (VOG)   
Welcome to Sunrise Medical's Visual Option Guide or "VOG". The days of digging though stacks of literature to see what an item on the order form looks like are over . The VOG mirrors the Quickie 2 Lite's order form line by line. Select the section of interest and mouse over to see what it looks like. It's that easy. The VOG even offers some cool 3-D films outlining some of the chair's more interesting features. It's all you need to get your quote or order on its way.  

The Quickie 2 Lite is everything you love about the Quickie 2 in a lightweight, simple package. The Quickie 2 Lite offers an efficient option mix for active users seeking performance, style and fit in a chair that lives up to our motto,

"Nothing Beats a Quickie!"